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The Rebirth of Chasidus

Lessons 50-55

Lesson 50: The Baal Shem Tov and Chasidic Rebirth

(R. Berel Wein Episodes #35, 42-51)

(Dr. Abramson's Shabbetai Tsvi; 56 min.)

(Dr. Abramson's Baal Shem Tov; 60 min.)

(Besht-Yeshua Similarities PDF)

Lesson 53: Chabad Lubavitch and Tanya

(Dr. Abramson's Schneur Zalman; 59 min.)

(R. Friedman's What is Tanya?; 5 min.)

(Article: What is the Tanya All About?)

(OptionalFree Tanya Text and Lessons)

Lesson 51: The Vilna Gaon and the Misnagdim of Lithuania

(R. Berel Wein Episodes #54-57, 61)

(Dr. Abramson's Vilna Gaon; 1h)

Lesson 54: Rebbe Nachman and Breslover Chasidim

Rebbe Nachman & Breslover Chasidim

(Read: Biography of Rebbe Nachman)

(Dr. Abramson's Rebbe Nachman; 51 min.)

(BRI's What is Likutey Moharan?; 4 min.)

(Tzaddik Short Film; 6 min.)

(Check out Breslov Research Institute on YouTube)

(Optional: The Seven Pillars of Breslov article)

(Optional: Yosef Karduner Album 2016)

(Optional: Rebbe Nachman & Breslov Music)

Lesson 52: Chasidic Figures, Practices, and Beliefs

(R. Berel Wein Episode #52)
To Be Chasidic
(Tzaddik Short Film; 6 min.)
(Optional: The Maiden of Ludmir; )
(Optional Article: Hasidic Hats)

Lesson 55: The Haskala and Secularization (1800s)

The Haskalah & Secularization

(Dr. Abramson's The Haskalah; 29 min.)

(Dr. Abramson's Moses Mendelssohn; 59 min.)

(R. Feuer's The Berlin Enlightenment; 59 min.)

(R. Wollbe's JHS Emancipation, Hashkalah, and Reform; 59 min.)