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The Nazarenes and the Early Jesus Movement

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Lessons 10-14

Lesson 10: The Roman Conquest of Judea (1st century BCE)

Lesson 13: Charismatic Judaism & 1st Century Miracle-Workers

Lesson 11: Herod the Great
(1st century BCE)

(Herod PPT Video; 57 min.)

(Optional: History Channel's Lost Worlds: Herod the Great; 46 min.)

(Optional: 1959 Herod the Great movie; 1h 32min.)

Lesson 14: Intro to Foundations of Nazarene Judaism (1st cen. BCE)

Lesson 12: Hillel & Shammai
(1st century BCE & CE)

(Background PPT Video; 1h 8min.)

(Debates PPT Video; 1h 9min.)

("Hillel and Shammai"; 3 min.)

(Optional: Dr. Abramson's "Who Was Hillel?"; 52 min. Skip to the 8:00 mark)

Charismatic Judaism and 1st Century Miracle-Workers

(Charismatics PPT Video; 1h 25min.)

(Optional: "Honi Comes Full Circle"; 4 min.)


Special Lessons 15-20

Lesson 15: John the Baptizer & His Essene Connections

(John PPT Video; 1h 32min)

Lesson 18: Yeshua's Royal Hasidic Dynastic

(Dynasty PPT Video; 1h 15min)

Lesson 16: Roles of Yeshua (Gospels, Acts, Hebrews)

(Read MJL's "The Tzaddik, or Rebbe") 

(Read Chabad's "What is a Tzaddik?")

(Read Breslov's "The Role of the Tzaddik")

(Read Breslov's "The Seventh Pillar")

(Roles of Yeshua PPT Video; 1h 14min)

(Optional: "Binding Ourselves to the Holy Tzaddik"; 57 min)

Lesson 19: The Role of the Pharisees Within the Church

Lesson 17: What's the Point of Yeshua's Death?

Lesson 20: Gentile Views of Jews, Judaism, and Converts

Additional Resources

Primary Sources

Roman History & Second Temple Jewish History

Jesus and the Early Church

The New Testament Upholds the Torah