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Medieval Christianity

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Lessons 35-43

Lesson: 35 Seven Ecumenical Church Councils (300s-700s)

Lesson 38: The Great Schism (1054)

Lesson 36: The Rise of Islam (300s-700s)

Lesson 39: The Crusades and Inquisition (1095-1200s)

(Crash Course: The Crusades; 11 min.)

(EH's Samuel haNagid; 9 min.)
(Timeline of the Crusades; 33 min.)

(OptionalRhineland Massacre of Jews (1096); 39 min., skip to 11:00)

(Crusades & Inquisition PPTs: Crusades; 30min./ Inquisition; 51 min./ Spanish Inq.; 22 min.)

Lesson 37: The Rise of Christendom (700s-1000s)

(Optional: RR's The Merovingian Kings; 30 min.)

(RR's Who was Charlemagne?; 29 min.)

(History Channel's Charlemagne; 10 min.)
(EC's Echoes of History: Charlemagne; 7 min.)

(Medieval European Life PPT; 1h min.)

Lesson 40: The Protestant Revolt (1500s-1600s)

Special Lessons 41-43

Optional Lesson 41: Martin Luther's Antisemitism

Optional Lesson 42: John Calvin's Biography 

Lesson 43: Medieval Antisemitism & Anti-Judaism

Pogroms & Violence

(Jews in the Medieval Economy; 20 min.)

(The Jewish Massacre at York; 14 min.)

(Medieval Antisemitism; 25 min.)

(Let the Lion Roar Trailer; 2 min.)

(LTLR: Luther and Calvin; 6 min. total)

(Optional: "Let The Lion Roar" Movie)