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Evidence For God Found in Logic and Quantum Physics

We Received a Question: “Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. can you prove God is real using LOGIC ONLY? I personally believe God is real, but I also believe that no proof can be given outside of personal experiences which no one else will believe. IN YOUR PROOF: -NO Holy Book quotes (there is no proof for the ANY Holy book's validity) -NO Personal Experiences (I believe you, but that isn't "logic only") -NO claiming God isn't real (You can't prove that either) -NO saying "you must have faith" (I KNOW that already)”

My Response: Every physical thing has a first cause. For example: I was born of my mother, who in turn was born of her mother, who in turn was born of her mother, and so on and so on, ad infinitum.Therefore, there must have been an original being (or beings) a very long time ago whom ultimately resulted in us today. Well, where did these original beings come from? Both Biblically and evolutionarily speaking, from the dirt. The Bible says that God made humans from the earthand evolutionists claim that organisms spawned from, essentially, an electrocution of the dirtwhich supposedly resulted in life (though this has never been scientifically tested and proven).Either way, the stuff that humans are made of ultimately came from the earth. (The author would like to note here that the official position of New Heart, New Spirit Ministries and the author himself is that of Young Earth Creationism). So then the question arises, "Well where did theearth come from, and how?" The Bible says that the world was "without form, and void" while Big Bang believers say that the earth came from a nebulous cloud of gas, rock, and other substances. Either way, the earth emerged from chaos ("chaos" here meaning "without order").So eventually we get to the point where we finally have to ask the question "Why does the universe exist at all? And how?" Obviously we humans do exist, so we can skip the part wherewe speculate as to whether or not we exist as some may have us do (obviously we do exist sinceat the very least, our thoughts about the universe and ourserlves exist).
For Big Bang believers, they will usually give you one of three answers. Here they are:1.) The universe somehow poofed into existence out of nothing, 2.) the universe has always existed and is eternal, and 3.) the universe has perpetually gone through cycles of Big Bangs and Big Crunches for potentially quadrillions of trillions of years, possibly even eternally, partly due to the potential trans-dimensional properties of black holes which allowed a universe from another reality to move through the black hole into our dimension – thus resulting in our current universe which began its own cycles of Big Bangs and Big Crunches. However this last answer is really just a fusion of the first two and tends to be closest to the "perpetual universe" theory because one eventually has to ask "where did the first universe and first dimension come from?And what started the Big Bang/Crunch cycle?" and that leads us back to where we started. Thus,although this latter theory is extremely interesting, it is simply a more complex form (albeit, acomposite) of the original two.
For religious people, particularly Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc. (Abrahamic religions) they typically claim that God poofed into existence the universe from nonphysical substance(s) – oddly enough, pretty much what the first atheistic theory states. However the atheistic theory posits that the universe poofed into existence from nothing via no external or eternal cause(meaning it somehow preceded itself to cause itself despite not being eternal (which would have to be necessary), the notion of which is completely and insanely illogical), whereas religious people say that the universe poofed into existence from nothing (kind of) by means of an Uncaused First Cause – God (which certainly makes more sense than saying that a thing existed before it existed so that it could someday cause itself).The only explanation I can think of that makes any sense is the following: According tothe Bible, it says that among a variety of things that God is (good, holy, just, eternal, wise, etc.),that "God is light" and from Him emanates His Word and Breath (God can't literally be onlylight because light does not have conscious thought, power or strength, intelligence, creativity,etc. so obviously "light" is the closest word that matches what God really is, or perhaps it is thesimplest, most descriptive word). It says that God “spoke” the universe into existence through His Word with His Breath (in Hebrew, "breath" and "spirit" are the exact same word - "ruakh"). Therefore, if God is light, and He spoke the world into existence with His breath, I think it's safeto assume the following: God is Light and God has breath; therefore this Light has breath. Whatis the breath of light? Light rays in the form of photons - energy. Photons are the breath of light! The universe is made from pure electro-magnetized energy. Imagine standing outside in the winter. When you talk to someone, what do you see proceed from them? You see a stream of steam shooting out from the person’s mouth. This is the same way with God: since God is light,what do you call it when light is shot? Rays. What are these made of? Photons. Consider the following:
  Light (photons) exhibits the characteristics of both matter and non-matter (particles and waves). Photons (light) are both electric and magnetic.
  "When photons collide their fields interact. This can cause the path of each photon to change so that it follows a curve in a local area. When the path of a photon is bent, the electric and magnetic fields cannot be symmetrical in the bend. The area outside the bend is greater than the area inside the bend. The result of this asymmetry is a local electric and magnetic field. The strength of the field is related to the bend radius, such that the
tighter the bend the greater the strength of the field. This field causes the path of the photon to bend more in the same direction, so it provides positive feedback to the bend.This causes the bend to be twice as tight as it would be without the feedback. The path of a photon can be bent so strongly that it forms a complete circle in the space of one wavelength. When so bent one polarity of the electric field remains on the outside of the bendso that the circle exhibits an electric charge. When in this condition, the photon is in resonance with itself. There is one certain photon frequency that when curled into thiscomplete-circle pattern, the pattern remains stable. We call this kind of pattern an electron or positron depending upon which polarity remains on the outside of the pattern.This gives rise to the electromagnetic forces" (click here for source info).
  As we know, electrons are one of the quintessential building blocks of matter. Therefore,we know that without light, we cannot have matter.
  Lastly, we know from quantum mechanics that electrons occasionally "poof" out of existence. They simply disappear. However, they then reappear at a different time and space than when they disappeared. Where do they go? I hypothesize that they might go to a different plane of reality (another dimension so to speak), perhaps returning to the First Cause and then go back out into our plane of existence/dimension. However, this ishighly speculative and absolutely needs more study before being accepted.
So to get to the point: How does a universe that is bound by space-time and other forces appear when the universe is the only thing we can scientifically observe? Assuming that it is not eternal (this "eternal universe" theory has major problems of its own) it is more than reasonable to conclude that it must have had some kind of creative cause behind its existence ("creative"meaning "able to create/ cause/ manifest/ materialize, not necessarily artistic). The only reasonable explanation that I can think of is that an original Uncaused First Cause that is not physical (thus not necessarily requiring a creator itself, that is not bound by space, time, or matter, a creative First Cause that is relatively infinitely powerful and intelligent (it is safe to assume that this First Cause cannot create anything more powerful or intelligent than itself thus it is possible for us to exist), and First Cause that is trans-dimensional, multi-dimensional, and supra-dimensional. This original Uncaused First Cause probably used something from itself to create other beings, matter,energy, and possibly even time itself as hard as it might be to imagine something as strange as that.