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Inter-Testamental Period

Click here to access the complete YouTube playlist for all lessons in Unit 1

Lessons 0-9

Lesson 0: The Importance of Studying Biblical History

Click here to begin: PPT Video; 47 min.

(Optional: EH's History of Writing; 7 min.)

( Optional: EH's History of the Alphabet; 6 min.)

Lesson 1: From Adam to Moses
(c. 4000- c. 1300s BCE)

Lesson 2: From Moses to Ezra (c. 1300s-500s BCE)

(R. Berel Wein episodes 10-15; ~20 min.) 

(Optional: R. Kin's Ten Lost Tribes; 1h 20m)

Lesson 3: Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly (~520-480 BCE)

(Roger Nam's Ezra & Nehemiah; 7 min.)
(Bible Project's Ezra-Nehemiah; 8 min.)
(Ezra PPT Video; 1h 39min.)

Lesson 6: The Diaspora, Hasidim, & Hellenists (500-200s BCE)

(Rabbi Buchwald's Jews and Hellenists; 4 min.)

(Dr. Rendsburg's lecture; 30 min.)

(Diaspora vs. Land PPT Video; 58min.)

Lesson 9: Noncanonical Literature & the Dead Sea Scrolls (200s-70 BCE)

(Dr. Craig Evan's Pseudepigrapha video; 5 min.)
(Optional: Geza Vermes' DSS lecture; 51 min.)

Lesson 4: Men of the Great Assembly (400s BCE)

(R. Feuer's Great Assembly; 12 min.) 

(Great Assembly PPT Video; 50min.)

Lesson 7: The Maccabean Revolt & Festival of Hanukkah (160s BCE)

Lesson 5: Alexander and Hellenism (c.320-200s BCE)

Lesson 8: Sectarianism in Judea (200s-100s BCE)