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The Feast of the Holy Temple's "Dedication"


"Then came the Festival of Dedication at Jerusalem. It was winter, and Jesus was in the temple courts 
walking in Solomon’s Colonnade" (John 10:22-23, NIV).

As we can see from the NIV quote above, Jesus had traveled to the Temple in Jerusalem for "the Festival of Dedication." Yet, while this is an accurate translation, by translating the Greek phrase ἐνκαίνια (enkainia) as "Feast of Dedication" they are perhaps inadvertently misleading readers and diminishing the Jewishness of the occasion. Jesus was not merely walking around the Temple in Jerusalem during Enkainia,  the Festival of Dedication. Rather, in Hebrew we understand this to say that he was walking the Temple colonnade during the winter celebration of Chag Hannukah, the Festival of Hanukkah. In Hebrew, hanukkah means "to dedicate" and actually appears in the Bible. This is why versions like the ISV translate this passage as "Now Hanukkah was taking place in Jerusalem. It was winter..."As the good Jewish rabbi that he was, Jesus would be in town celebrating the holiday with his friends and students just like the other rabbis of his day who lived within commuting distance of the Temple. Below are some resources for you to celebrate too!

Significance of Hanukkah

BimBam's What is Hanukkah? (4 min.)
AwesomeTV presents 8 Ways Hanukkah Rocks (3 min.)
WITB's What is Hanukkah? (2 min.)
R. Berel Wein's Crash Course in Jewish History, Episodes 16-20 (23 min.) 

Laws of Hanukkah

Howcast's How to Celebrate Hanukkah (2 min.)

R. Alon Anava's Hilchot Chanukah Pt.1 (1h 8 min.) 

R. Alon Anava's Hilchot Chanukah Pt.2 (1h)

R. Alon Anava's Hilchot Chanukah Pt.3 (44 min.)

Suggested Purchases for Hanukkah

Aside from food, the main purchase for Hanukkah will be the menorah (hanukkiah, technically) and the candles that go with it. While siddurim do have special passages specifically for Hanukkah (usually in a gray box on the page), they're not essential items for the holiday, although having a siddur is a generally good idea. I recommend the Koren Sacks edition. Anyway, menorahs and Hanukkah candles can be purchased online at a number of Judaica stores but sometimes stores like Target or Home Goods also carry them if there is a Jewish community nearby. Please call in advance to check. In the meantime, check out these sites!

Lessons on the Light of Hanukkah

Hanukkah  Lessons
R. Yitzchak Breitowitz's Chanukah Isn't a Holiday? (44 min.)
R. Akiva Tatz's Chanukah and The Hidden Light (58 min.)
R. Yosef Mizrachi's The Secrets Of Chanukah (1h 30 min.)

Hanukkah & Kabbalah
R. Alon Anava's Tap Into the Power of the Month of Kislev (57 min.)
R. Alon Anava's Why we Light the Menora After Sundown (25 min.)

Hannukah Music Playlist

Traditional Foods & Decorations

Traditional Foods
Food Network's Hanukkah Recipe Central articles
The Spruce's Traditional Hanukkah Foods article
Sarah Sterling's  Best Jewish Food! (4 min.)
Cooking Latkes with Chabad (7 min.)
Sarah Carey's Gluten Free Potato Latkes (6 min.)
JSpace Food's Sufganiyot (Jelly Donuts) (5 min.)

Joy of Kosher's Hanukkah Party Table Decorations & Centerpieces (2 min.)
Fine Living Network's Hanukkah Table - Fine Living (4 min.)
Freshly Decor's Stunning Hanukkah home decorating ideas (4 min.)
Howcast's How to Make Hanukkah Cards & Decorations (for kids) (2 min.)