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Early Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism

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Lessons 21-29

Lesson 21: The Roman-Jewish Wars (60s, 130s CE)

(Unit 3 Intro; 10 min)

(Rome & Jerusalem at War; 26 min.)

(Fall of Jerusalem; watch until 24:30)

(Roman Jewish Wars; 19 min., skip to 8:56)

(Optional: Gad Elbaz - Al Naarot Bavel; 4 min.)

(Optional: Third Temple Layout; 3 min.)

Lesson 24: The Mishnah, Tosefta, & Halachic Midrashim

(Animated Mishna; 2 min.)

(Tannaim PPT; 1h 18min.)

(Optional: ELJH Mishnah Lesson; 22 min.)

Lesson 27: Constantine, Part 2 (280s-320s CE)

Lesson 22: "The Parting of the Ways" (100s-130s CE)

Lesson 25: Developments in Christianity (100-400s CE)

Lesson 28: Homogenization of Judaism (400s-500s CE)

Homogenization of Judaism

(Animated Talmud Playlist 1-6; 15 min.)
(R. Berel Wein's What is the Talmud; 4 min.)

(R. Berel Wein's Writing of the Talmud; 4 min.)

(Prof. Henry Abramson's Talmud lecture; 20 min.)

Lesson 23: Early Christian Sects (40-200 CE)

Optional Lesson 26: Constantine, Part 1

(Before Imperium; 8 min.)

(Constantine and the Early Church; 45 min.)

(Architecture & Art of Constantine; 70 min., skip to the 4:50 mark)

Optional Lesson 29: Decline of Western Roman Empire