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Formerly New Heart, New Spirit

Development of Halacha

Lessons 44-48

Lesson 44: The Rishonim

(R. Yaakov Lynn's The Rishonim; 33 min.)

(Abramson's The Rishonim; 19 min.)

(Abramson's Intro to Rashi; 5 min.)

(Abramson's Rashi Lecture; 59 min.)

(Introduction to the Tosafot; 5 min.)

Lesson 47: Yosef Karo and the Shulchan Aruch

(R. Berel Wein's Episode #40; 3 min.)

(Dr. Abramson's Yosef Karo; 55 min.)

Lesson 45: Maimonides

Lesson 48: Halacha Regarding
Christianity and Islam

Lesson 46: Nachmanides

(R. Berel Wein's Mysticism and Kabbalah; 4 min.)
(Abramson's Ramban Lecture; 50 min. Skip to 8:19)
(Optional: Dr. Abramson/ R. Trump Ramban Lecture; 59 min. Skip to 20:57)