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This course is designed for all Christians, Messianics, and Hebrew Rooters who are interested in better understanding the commandments of God and their historical context. We will be covering inter-testimental Biblical times (520 BCE - 4 BCE), the early Nazarene movement and the development of the New Testament (4 BCE - 95 CE), early Church history (1st-6th centuries), different Jewish communities and cultures by region (roughly from the 4th to 12th centuries), Christian developments in the 8th-17th centuries, the development of halacha (9th-19th centuries), the re-emergence of the Chasidic movement in the 18th century, and finally some modern history (19th-21st centuries) which focuses on industrial-era antisemitism, the Holocaust, the reestablishment of the state of Israel, and modern Judeo-Christian religious movements. 

To access the course's Facebook group, click here. To access our YouTube playlist, click here. To begin, simply click on a unit's picture and you will be taken to the lessons. Happy learning!

Unit 1: Inter-Testimental Period

Unit 3: Early Christianity & Rabbinic Judaism

Unit 5: Medieval Christianity

Unit 7: Rebirth of Chasidus

Unit 2: The Nazarenes and the Early Jesus Movement

Unit 4: Differences in Jewish Cultures by Region

Unit 6: Developments of Judaism

Unit 8: The Modern Era