Tzaddik Media

Formerly New Heart, New Spirit

Our Story

Where did we come from and where will we go?

2012: The Spark

Shaun Howe begins writing articles and hosting seminars on creation science. Shaun and Jonathan Weideman discuss the idea of a website dedicated to teaching Christians basic Torah concepts. 

2012: The Flame Ignites

On the eve of the failed "Mayan Apocalypse," Shaun and Jonathan meet in Shaun's living room to further discuss the website. Options are weighed and prices are compared. After making a choice and purchasing the domain name, New Heart New Spirit is born!

2013: The Fledgling Feat 

During 2013, Shaun and Jonathan began producing articles and videos on basic Torah ideas and concepts. What are tzitzit? What is the Torah? Do Christians need to keep it? A commentary on Romans was also begun. Shaun and Jonathan would host feast-day events for the public for Passover, Rosh Hashanah, and the other holidays.

2014: Entering Maturity

Shaun and Jonathan continue working on the website, expanding into additional social media platforms and growing their online presence. Articles and videos continue to be made. By this time, Shaun is leading a small Bible study and Jonathan is attending a home-based congregation locally, later gaining an assistant teaching position there.

2015: The Year of Social Media

By 2015, NHNS had establishes a presence on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, and Scribd. The team continues producing articles and videos. Jonathan engages in a Sabbath debate with a Christian evangelist and begins collaborating with two other YouTubers in a weekly video series regarding the Jewishness of Jesus. Shaun continues his group Bible study and Jonathan continues teaching in his group.

2016: The Transition

In the spring of 2016, Shaun leaves NHNS to focus more actively on in-person fellowship and discipleship. Jonathan continues running the website and social media. Few articles and videos are produced and maintaining NHNS's current outlets become the primary goal.

2017: The Rebirth

From the fall of 2016 through 2017, Jonathan begins teaching online lectures accompanied by PowerPoints that focus on biblical history and halacha (the "way to walk" Torah). Beginning with Adam, Jonathan helps Christian students understand history from a Jewish point of view. Special emphasis is placed on the 1st century period and the early Nazarenes. The writing of articles and the making of videos resume.

2018: Stabilization

Jonathan continues teaching the History and Halacha course online. He also continues writings and making videos. NHNS continues to expand, mature, develop, and clean up the website after having transitioned into Orthodox Judaism from the Hebrew Roots movement the previous two years (hey, we're busy!). NHNS has also partnered with Neveh Ohr, Benei Avraham, and others on various projects.

2019: Tzaddik Media

What originally began as a subsidiary project of NHNS, we soon realized that Tzaddik Media would become the new name for NHNS. Our family of websites and channels are currently transitioning to this name. It is our goal to fully transition by the end of 2019 (5779). 

In addition to Tzaddik Media, Jonathan has been teaching a free Conversion to Judaism class on Facebook. If you are interested in Judaism or learning more about Jewish conversion, feel free to join us!
We are currently overhauling our website, so content and format are likely to change in the near future. Until then, welcome to NHNS (Tzaddik Media)!
For questions, comments, concerns, and more, please contact us by email at or by messaging us on our Tzaddik Media Facebook page.